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The beauty of the Japanese soul can be seen in Mt. Fuji

富士山画・開運画家Yutaka Murakami(1961.10.11 - 2019.3.13)は「日本の心の美しさは、富士山の美しさにある」ことを作品に魂を込め創作しました。
当サイトでは、故 Yutaka Murakami(ユタカ ムラカミ)の遺された名画に金箔盛り・樹脂(ニス)加工技術・オフセット印刷・オンデマンド印刷で再現し、新たなアート作品として誕生いたしました。

Mt. Fuji and Fortune artist Yutaka Murakami (October 11, 1961 – March 13, 2019) poured his creative passion into his works, showing that the beauty of the Japanese soul can be seen in Mt. Fuji.
Through his works, he showed the world the beauty of Mt. Fuji, and thus the beauty of the Japanese spirit. He worked faithfully and dutifully at his craft, believing that art can aid in bringing peace and tranquility to people around the globe.
This site was created to take the famous art of the late Yutaka Murakami and create new works with recreations using gold leaf, resin treatment, offset printing, and on-demand printing procedures.


西陣織の富士山 富士山の絵
大宇宙智勝の富士 快晴の飛翔富士
福涛と大調和の富士 赤光あびる吉祥富士
紫雲たなびく赤光富士 寶船
鯛 開運文字
曼荼羅 福男シリーズ
Mini額シリーズ 一点物シリーズ
限定商品 訳あり商品


Yutaka Murakami(ユタカ ムラカミ)の


Yutaka Murakami(ユタカ ムラカミ)

since 1961.10.11 - 2019.3.13

2004 年頃より、神社仏閣に受ける多くのイメージを表現する

Born in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture, he took an interest in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples from a young age, which led him to begin independent research into modern Shinto and ancient Shinto traditions.
Starting in 2004, he showed his talent through the calligraphy and paintings he created of the good omens shrines and temples are known to offer.